Investors Exchange Limited (IEL)
is a niche funds manager that has built
an innovative, robust and fully compliant investment structure that allows
it to tailor offers for specific quality projects, and as a consequence
provide investors with greater investment choice.


Innovative Investment Opportunities

Investors Exchange Ltd (IEL) has formulated a flexible and creative investment structure to facilitate a variety of different and innovative investment offers to promote to the investor public, in both the retail and wholesale markets.

IEL has two funds, the first is the Investors Exchange Fund (ARSN127 384 767) can accommodate traditional real estate projects such as subdivisions, construction projects, affordable housing initiatives and the purchase of income producing properties on behalf of investors. This fund also accommodates crowd funding initiatives to a variety of businesses and projects.

The second fund is a contributory mortgage fund or income fund, Investors Exchange Investment Fund (ARSN 120 933 093) which can accommodate a variety of projects. Here participants are lenders and are provided with a regular interest distribution whether quarterly or monthly.

The innovative and flexible structure allows the production of many different and varied investment offers, some of which are unique and not seen anywhere else in Australia. All investment opportunities are stand alone asset classes which do not intermingle, thus allowing investor choice, and security, as the performance of one project does not affect the ant of the others.